After the recent premiere of the first author’s composition, a cappella Voising comes with another novelty – a Slovak Christmas song called “Najkrajší dar”. Christmas is about family, about love. We decided to grasp the topic of love from a very important and increasingly popular aspect. The song talks about the importance of self-love. We believe that our world and the relationships in it are a reflection of our inner world, and only if we love ourselves will we be able to give love to others. Because, as the song says: “love doesn’t divide, it multiplies.” And that’s what Christmas is all about.

The author of the music is Adam Hudec, who created rich musical harmonies with a jazz sensibility tailored specifically for the members of a cappella Voising. The author of the text is his wife Romana Hudec Orlická.

Voising for the song also released a video clip, which they filmed on the way to see the group’s singer, future mother Miluška. Last year, three babies were born in our band, and another will soon be added. We are very happy that our a’cappella family is growing. After all, it is the most beautiful thing that we can experience. We, therefore, decided to travel to Miluška and bring her true Christmas spirit to Ľubietová, where she comes from.

Members and ́cappelly Voising often refer to themselves as not just colleagues, but family. You can also feel this family’s well-being in their video clip, which is full of sincere joy, a Christmas atmosphere, and the beautiful nature of the Poľana Mountains.

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