Slovenská a‘cappella VOISING v novej skladbe spája osudy ľudí!

The six-member vocal group VOISING comes with a new original song “Everything has its time”.
The song carries the magic of not only the message of hope for a better tomorrow, but also the magic of (un)accidental encounters during the filming of the music video.
“The Everything Has Its Time clip came about as a need to connect with our fans, who we haven’t seen in a long time just because of the pandemic. So before filming, we approached a few of our fans to see if they wanted to be in the upcoming music video. And as the song goes – everything has its time, it was 100 percent true here, because three new relationships were formed during the filming of the music video. And we are very happy about that. One day they will definitely hear our song at their wedding and they will play the clip saying, see, this is where we got together.” (adds singer Veronika Oláh Šebenová with a smile)
The video production in the hands of EMOTION MEDIA pleasantly and also thanks to the fans perfectly underlines the mood of the song in a sincere and pure way.
The song was written by Richard Bönde as lyricist and Viktor Niznik, who set the song to music during the challenging lockdown period. “I was sitting in my cottage alone, with the piano in front of me, and I was overcome with a sad feeling that we couldn’t be together, as a band, that we couldn’t create. At first I started playing myself all clichéd and depressing tunes. Then I told myself that this can’t go on like this forever, it has to end one day. That’s why I slowly moved into positive melodies and imagined what it would be like when we were together again, on stage, with our fans. And this is what came about.” (Viktor Nizhnik, singer and producer)
Since its inception in 2018, A’capelle VOISING has managed to gain more and more fans thanks to its uniqueness. The group is currently working on new songs, which they are preparing to release soon.
“Everything always has its time after the rain, comes out the rainbow in us.
Everything doesn’t always go according to plan and everything doesn’t always work out the way we want it to. But everything has its time, some things come to us only when their ‘time’ is right. We don’t have to worry about being different, because the world is the same for everyone.” (VOISING)
You can find the song on all music platforms.

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