A cappella Voising – VOTA

We gave the song an unconventional name – VOTA. We make no secret of the fact that the name was created completely randomly and is basically a made-up word. However, if we look at the similarity with the English word “vote” or the French word “voter”, we can loosely translate the title as “to vote”. “Each one of us, with each new day, chooses his life path, chooses his direction.”

The fact that VOTA is a song without words may also come as a surprise. The aim is to point out current situations in the world or at home, in which one often loses words. But sometimes we can say more without words, other times we just need a smile or a hug to express everything. “VOICE is a feeling. Whether it evokes joy or sadness in you is up to you, your choice. We will stand by you even without words, but we will try to say everything with our music.”

4. November 2022 will see the release of our first original song VOTA on all music platforms such as Spotify, Youtube Music, Deezer or Apple Music.

We exclusively premiered the song VOTA along with the music video
on the show Teleráno Televízija Markíza, 24th October 2022, where we were the musical guest throughout the morning.

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