Voising is a Slovak a´cappella vocal group, singing mostly popular songs of world
and Slovak stars, without the use of musical instruments. In their repertoire you
will also find jazz standards or classical music pieces.

A´cappella Voising was founded in September 2018, when it followed up on several
years cooperation of individual members in different vocal groups (performance
at the Andrej Bagar Theater in Nitra in performances Gazdiná roba (2014-2017),
Jánošík (2017-2018), but also the realization of Slovak language versions in fairy
tales such as Finding Dory (2016), Beauty and the Beast (2017), Coco (2017),
Smallfoot (2018), The Return of Mary Poppins (2018), Ralph breaks the Internet (2018).

In the beginning the Voising performed at the international a´cappella festival
Zoom+ a choir festival in Croatia and the Czech Choir Festival in Hradec Hrálové,
where its members attended a vocal workshop with the a´cappella star
King’s Singers – Paul Phoenix.

In 2018, they also performed at the IGRIC Film Awards in Slovak national television,
or in the Chart Show, where they performed a´cappella version of the famous
Maroon 5 song Sugar. Since then, Voising has sung dozens of concerts in Slovakia
and also abroad.

In 2019 Voising cooperated on Slovak language version of fairy tales Aladdin,
The Lion King or Frozen 2.

The group called 2020 the year of cooperation and started building a completely
new repertoire. They regularly collaborates with Ester Wiesner, who has
created several a´cappella arrangements for them.

In May 2020, a´cappella Voising featured Slovak actress and singer
Lucia Vráblicová, and sang together the well-known Slovak song by Jaro Filip
and Milan Lasica Čerešne.


In November 2020, together with the singer and winner of the X Factor competition
they released Christmas Song.

During the period of the Corona which was for artists the most difficult,
the band Voising came up with the idea to support hearing-handicaped children
in Slovakia. Cooperation with the children organisation was very spontaneous
and friendly. The song Three Words – Tri slová became the title song of the
campaign to support families with children with hearing impairments.
Voising along with other 30 artists sang a beautiful song from the musical
Neberte nám prinzecnú. Voices of Janette Štefánková, Roman Bomboš, Lucia Vráblicová, Eva Pavlíková, František Kovár, Ondrej Kandráč, Ján Gallovič and others.
Slovak famous actor Robo Roth became the voice of the campaign.


With the new music video they released, they want to stick to the Friends series. The most successful sitcom to date has made six friends colleagues and then later friends. They did it so far in the last episode of Reunion, where they all met after 17 years. It’s going fast, but it’s been 27 years since the first episode aired September 2021. Voising’s new music video is joyful, cheerful and full of positive energy. In it, you will see the singers exactly as they are in the real world. They enjoy what they do. And as we’ve become accustomed to, each song also featured a message – this time 100% for them.


The Christmas spirit is slowly approaching and a’cappella Voising have released their cover version of the well-known traditional Christmas song Deck the Halls. It has already surpassed more than 35,000 views on YouTube, and you can also leave your like there. You can also hear this song at the a’cappella Voising Christmas concerts, which are slowly approaching. Follow all the news on our social media.


We gave the song an unconventional name – VOTA. It’s our first own song. We make no secret of the fact that the name was created completely by accident and is basically an invented word. However, if we look at the similarity with the English word “vote” or the French word “voter”, we can freely translate the name as “voting”. “Every single one of us chooses our life path, chooses our direction with each new day.”


Christmas is about family, about love. We decided to grasp the topic of love from a very important and increasingly popular aspect. The song talks about the importance of self-love. Members and a’cappella Voising often refer to themselves as not just colleagues, but family. You can also feel this family’s well-being in their video clip, which is full of sincere joy, a Christmas atmosphere, and the beautiful nature of the Poľana Mountains. The author of the music is Adam Hudec, who created rich musical harmonies with a jazz sensibility tailored specifically for the members of a’cappella Voising.


The six-member vocal group VOISING comes with a new original song “Everything has its time”.
The song carries the magic of not only the message of hope for a better tomorrow, but also the magic of (un)accidental encounters during the filming of the music video.
The video production in the hands of EMOTION MEDIA pleasantly and also thanks to the fans perfectly underlines the mood of the song in a sincere and pure way.
The song was written by Richard Bönde as lyricist and Viktor Niznik, who set the song to music during the busy lockdown period.
You can find the song Everything has its time on all digital platforms.